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Really Great! 100 Handmade Gift Tutorials

Some really great ideas on this site Check it out!

100 Handmade Gift Tutorials

The little Owl that Couldn't

Baby Barred Owl
This is not a craft post it is just a sweet little story and picture about a Little Owl.

The little Owl that Couldn't and he really could not do anything for his self.
One Friday evening my husband and I were out in our back yard and I glanced over at something in one of our flower beds and I said to my husband look! What is that in the flower bed? We walked closer to see and there stood a little fuzz ball it was a little baby owl in our garden and he was all alone.
So we didn't know what to do and his mom was going from tree to tree watching over him and giving a hoot every now and then, so we decided it would be best leave nature alone and that mom would come to his rescue, thinking she would surly take him back to his nest.
Well the next morning we get up and the little fellow is still there in the same spot and we go down there and sit with him and he just sits there in the same spot. Sometimes he would give a big yawn and switch from one foot to the other.
We now decide that mom even though she is still watching him is not however going to rescue him.
Thank goodness for Google. We jump online and get the number for the Wildlife Rescue and they immediately came to his rescue. They said he would not have been rescued and he was very young would not have survived on his own.
The Wildlife Rescue took him and had him checked out and called us the next day and said he was going to be fine and would be taken good care of until he was ready to go out and make it on his own.
So if you ever see a little owl that is all alone don't give it food or water ( it could really hurt it ) and immediately call your Wildlife Rescue.

A Red Horned Worm in your Garden!

Red Horn Worm or what we call a Tobacco Hornworm
Garden Time Again! Yes it's about that time of year.
You get that garden all planted and all of a sudden you realize you have a visitor, Oh My!
Keep an eye out for this Tobacco Worm as they can do a lot damage in a short time!
They have a really good appetite!  ;-)

How about some Cinco de Mayo Nail Art to Celebrate the Day

Check it out here! Day 125: Cinco de Mayo Nail Art

Happy Cinco Demayo to all Crafters

Here is another John Deere Project from the past!

A John Deere Tooth Fairy Pillow, a good craft idea for the little boys!
I always feel like it is harder to come up with craft ideas for the little guys. But this one was a big hit for me.
And hopefully you will enjoy the idea and the little guy will have a John Deere of his own. ;-)

Do you have any new ideas to add for the little guy crafts? 

John Deere Purse with a John Deere Button

Spring always reminds me of the John Deere crafts so while the husband is getting his John Deere ready for mowing.Why not make yourself a John Deere Purse with a John Deere Button.

In reply to a comment earlier from ( Mel ) about having a John Deere button for the pillow.
I did find a picture of the purse I was talking about and it does have a John Deere button on it. And you all know I really would love to have that button in my collection.
I may just have to go on another button hunt! ;-)

    Oh my Gosh! If I could only get my hands on more of the pretty little John Deere buttons!

Crafting ideas from the Crafting Nut!

Crafting with beads, antique-vintage sewing buttons, fabric, lace, ribbon, or embroidery design whatever you can think of the sky truly is the limit!

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